Why is the online version of Wavely continuing to load or appearing to be unresponsive?

If you are logged into your Wavely Dashboard or logged in to your Wavely profile online and your screen continues to load or appears to be unresponsive, it is likely that it is a cache or cookies issue. To resolve this issue, follow these instructions:

  • Begin by refreshing the screen.

  • If the issue is not resolved, go to your web browser's setting. For reference, here's how you can find your web browser settings depending on the web browser you are using: Google Chrome, Fire Fox

  • Select the option to clear cached images and files.

  • Wait 3-5 minutes and log back into your Waves Dashboard.

  • If the issue is still not resolved, select the option to also clear cookies and other site data - this will sign you out of most sites that you are currently logged into.

  • After completing these steps and the issue is still not resolved, please submit a ticket at the following link: www.joinwavely.com/support