Network Setup for Admins

Please follow these instructions to successfully activate your Wavely account:

Recommendation: Before setting up your Wavely Network, please be sure you have access to the welcome email from "Team Wavely" that was sent to your inbox. You may have to check your junk/spam folder for the welcome email.

Account Setup Process

  • Go to and click on "Sign In" in the top right corner

  • Enter the email associated with your account

  • Enter the password that was sent to you (found in the welcome email sent to email inbox)

  • Create a new password

  • Login

  • [IMPORTANT] Watch the quick tutorial video found below to learn how to navigate the entire dashboard

Update School Information

Now that you have your account setup as a Network Admin for your Wavely Network, please proceed with the following steps:

  • Click in the top left corner to open the navigation side-bar.

  • Click on "Update Network".

  • Upload a profile picture with your logo.

  • Update your address and time zone.

  • Add a second Network Admin (Optional)

Complete Responder Segmentation

Our platform has a three-tier referral system that is structured by something we call "responder segmentation". Responder segmentation allows the Network Admin to control what role/position falls at each of the three tiers.

You do not not need to us the referral tool and are able to use the platform solely with level 1 responders. It all depends on the structure of your school or organization.

Here's a description of each level:

  • Those who who each of your students are assigned to at the beginning of the year - such as your school counselors.

  • Those who provide in-school services such as social workers or psychologists that your school counselors can refer students to.

  • Those who provide school services that level 2 responders can refer students to if requested or needed.

Responder Segmentation Setup:

  • On the "Update Network" screen, scroll down to "Responder Segmentation"..

  • You will find a default layout for Responder Segmentation which can be edited.

  • Edit the title of your Level 1 Responder(s) and add more if you'd like.

  • Edit the title of your Level 2 Responder(s) and add more if you'd like.

  • Edit the title of your Level 3 Responder(s) and add more if you'd like.