How do I send an anonymous message?

Responders have the option to allow assigned students to message them anonymously. This feature provides students with even more of a comfortable way to ask personal questions, report a situation, or share a concern they are having while protecting their identity.

If you click on your assigned responder from the Discover Screen and the option to start a conversation anonymously does not appear, this means that they have this option disabled.

If the option does appear, this indicates that they welcome students to start a conversation with them anonymously.

Once this is selected, you will indicate the "waves" pertaining towards the issue and it's level of urgency. When this is completed, you will be opted into a new conversation with the responder anonymously - they will not see your profile picture or name.

Please be aware that the responder has the ability to remove your anonymity if you admit to being in danger of harming yourself, those around you, if you are being harmed, or if you are inappropriately using the anonymity tool.

Once your anonymity is removed, your identity is immediately revealed and a report is sent to the Network Admin's Wavely Dashboard.

Once your identity is revealed, your responder will pursue the situation in a way that aligns with the policies and procedures of your school.