How do I review reported messages from responders?

When a student's anonymity is removed by their assigned responder, the following process takes place:

  • The responder clicks on the "Remove Anonymity" option from their screen.

  • The responder selects the message that indicates the concerning behavior.

  • The responder selects the reason for the anonymity being removed.

  • The student's identity is revealed and the responder may move forward with your school's policies and procedures for addressing the situation.

When the anonymity is removed, a report is sent to the Wavely Dashboard for further review by the Network Admin.

On the "Reported Messages" screen of the Wavely Dashboard, you will find a record of each reported message that includes the following information on the situation:

  • The name of the responder making the report.

  • The name of the student and their user ID.

  • The date and time the report was made.

  • A record of the actual message from the user that was reported.

  • The "waves" of the conversation at that time.

This allows administration to be keep a record of concerning behavior within their network and ensures that responders are not abusing the anonymity feature by removing a user's anonymity and violating their privacy for unethical reasons.