How do I remove a student's anonymity?

If you choose to allow anonymous conversations, this will pertain to you.

When communicating with an anonymous student who admits to being in danger of harming themselves, those around them, if they are being harmed, or inappropriately using the anonymity feature - you have the ability to remove their anonymity and get them immediate help.

Please note that students are given a disclaimer when beginning an anonymous conversation about how to properly use the anonymity tool and how their anonymity can possibly be removed.

Additionally, please use the anonymity removal tool in alignment with your school or organization's policies and procedures when handling these kinds of situations.

You can remove their anonymity by going into the conversation between you and the anonymous student.

In the top right corner of the screen, there is an icon that consists of three horizontal lines.

Click on the icon and one of the options that will appear says "Remove Anonymity".

Click on this option.

You will then select the message from the conversation that indicates the concerning behavior and then select the reason for removal.

Once you complete this and click "Remove Anonymity", the student's identity is immediately revealed and a report is sent to the Network Admin's Wavely Dashboard.

Once the identity of the student is revealed, you must pursue the situation in a way that aligns with the policies and procedures of your school.

It is recommended you archive this conversation thread by sliding the conversation thread to the right on the Messages screen, and then use the original conversation thread as your primary form of communication with the student.