How do I remove or re-add a student?

Only level 2 and 3 responders have a “Remove” option when selecting a student from the Discover Screen. If a student is removed, they will still appear on your Discover screen, but their profile picture will be faded out.

If removed, the conversation thread will still appear on the Messages Screen for both the student and the responder, but the thread will be faded out and the student will be unable to re-enter the conversation.

If you select the student who happens to be faded out because they were “removed”, an option appears that states “Add”. This would be used if the student needs to receive further attention or if they received permission to continue to communicate with you.

If this is selected, the student will have the ability to communicate with the responder as long as they’re available and the conversation thread between the student and the responder will re-open for them to begin where they left off.