How do I message an assigned responder?

If you would like to communicate with an assigned responder, you can do so from your Discover screen. All you need to do to communicate with a responder is click on their profile picture and select "Send Message".

If you have already started a conversation with a responder, you can re-enter the conversation from the Messages Screen or Discover Screen.

My Responder Isn't Available?

You are only able to communicate with a responder if they are available. If the responder's availability indicator is turned off, the user is unable to start or re-enter a conversation. If an attempt to start or re-enter a conversation is made, a pop-up will appear that states:

"Your responder is unavailable at this time. If you are in crisis, please refer to your crisis support resources or text HELLO to 741741 to get connected with a crisis counselor through Crisis Text Line."

If you select “Find Resources”, on the pop-up that is displayed, you will be immediately directed to the crisis support resources screen in the app.