How do I send or schedule a mass message?

The mass messaging tool allows you to send a mass message to some or all of your assigned students. To do this, you will click on "Mass Messenger" if using the online version of the app or by going to the "Messages" screen if using the mobile application.

Click on "Send Mass Message".

You will then select the students you want to receive the message and will then type out the message you want to send.

You can either send out the message immediately or you can schedule it to be sent out at a later time, whatever you prefer.

If you would like to delete or edit a scheduled mass message, just go to the "Mass Messenger" screen, find the message, select it, and then you will see an option to either delete or edit the massage.

The Mass Messaging tool is recommended for sending out reminders, weekly encouragement, or sending along other important information that your assigned students need to be aware of.