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Responders have the option to allow their assigned students to message them anonymously. This feature provides students with even more of a comfortable way to ask personal questions, report a situation, or share a concern they are having while protecting their identity.

On the Messages Screen on the mobile version of the app and on the Discover Screen for the online version of the app, their is a small icon of a person - this indicates whether or not you allow users who have access to you to send anonymous messages.

If you choose to turn this off, simply click on the icon and it will become dim.

This will disable the ability for assigned students to message you anonymously.

On the Data and Analytics screen, you can find "User Overview". This gives you an idea of how many students and responders are active within your network. If you have students or responders that are "inactive", this means that they have not officially setup their account.

If this is the case, go to the "Students" and/or "Responders" screen, find the status column, and identify the student or responder who is "inactive".

You can then resend the email invitation to them by selecting "Invite".

Network Admins have the ability to give a student access to all level 1 responders only.

If you would like to grant a student access to all level 1 responders, type "All-Access" where you would put the assigned responder's employee ID - this goes for both the importing spreadsheet and if you are adding a single student manually.

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