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From your Discover screen, you are able to view your assigned students.

To communicate with a student, click on their profile picture from the Discover screen and select "Send Message".

You must have your availability indicator turned on in order to send a message.

If you have already begun a conversation with the student, you will be opted back into the same conversation.

Another way of communicating with a student is by going to the "Messages" screen.

Find the conversation thread with the student, click on it, and you are able to jump right back into the conversation.

You will receive push notifications when a new message is received. Just be sure that you allow push notifications when the pop-up appears during the account setup process for both mobile devices and when using the online version of the app.

When a student's anonymity is removed by their assigned responder, the following process takes place:

  • The responder clicks on the "Remove Anonymity" option from their screen.

  • The responder selects the message that indicates the concerning behavior.

  • The responder selects the reason for the anonymity being removed.

  • The student's identity is revealed and the responder may move forward with your school's policies and procedures for addressing the situation.

When the anonymity is removed, a report is sent to the Wavely Dashboard for further review by the Network Admin.

On the "Reported Messages" screen of the Wavely Dashboard, you will find a record of each reported message that includes the following information on the situation:

  • The name of the responder making the report.

  • The name of the student and their user ID.

  • The date and time the report was made.

  • A record of the actual message from the user that was reported.

  • The "waves" of the conversation at that time.

This allows administration to be keep a record of concerning behavior within their network and ensures that responders are not abusing the anonymity feature by removing a user's anonymity and violating their privacy for unethical reasons.

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