Putting your students first just got easier.

Wavely is a powerfully simple HIPAA and FERPA compliant student management tool designed to help school counselors keep student success and wellness at the top of mind.


Why Wavely?

A student's social emotional health has a direct impact on their school performance,  academic retainment, likelihood of college placement, and career readiness. If we've learned anything from navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that students around the country were left without an easy or stigma-free way to access their school counselor or vetted support resources when times became difficult.

This should concern every school leader.

That's why in May of 2020, we met with a team of school officials to create a simple and sleek multi-purpose platform for the office of student services that would meet the needs of both students and school counselors 365 days a year. Below you can find the three key advantages of integrating the Wavely platform into your school community.



Make it easier for your school counselors to reach students where they are each day of the week.

Features for School Counselors

Secure HIPAA Compliant Direct Messaging

✔ Quickly Schedule Sessions with Students

✔ Automate Availability After School Hours

✔ Real-Time Mood Tracking of Students

✔ Automatic Session and Message Notifications

✔ Send Mass Reminders and Announcements

✔ Attach Notes to Sessions (Coming Soon)

✔ Training Videos, Help Center, US-Based Support


Give every student access to an organized help place where they can find the help they need 365 days a year.

Features for Students

✔ Easily Direct Message School Counselor

✔ Find Insight on Local Mental Health Resources

✔ Stay Protected with 24/7 Crisis Support Services

✔ Automatic Meeting and Message Notifications

✔ Self-Care Tools and Modules (Coming Soon)

✔ Training Videos, Help Center, US-Based Support



1. Complete the Setup Checklist

Using the requested student information from your Student Information System (SIS), you will complete our onboarding checklist with the help of an assigned account manager. We walk you through the entire setup process from beginning to end to ensure you have a seamless onboarding experience.


2. Schedule a Wavely Setup Day

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your students properly authenticate and setup their Wavely profile is by scheduling a Wavely Setup Day. Just select a certain class period on a specific date, provide the teacher with our 2 minute setup tutorial video, and you're good to go. You'll just have to remind students to have access to a copy of the welcome email sent to their inbox that contains their login credentials.

3. Communicate and Promote

We will provide you with customizable email templates that can be sent to students, parents, and staff/faculty to help inform your community about Wavely coming to your school. This helps create awareness about the automated welcome email they will receive once added to your Wavely network.

4. Onboard Your Community

With the help of your account manager, we will activate your Wavely network and help you onboard your students, staff, and resources within minutes. When a student or staff member is added to your Wavely network, they will receive an automated welcome email with unique login credentials associated with their student or employee ID.

5. Bridge the Gap

Once students have successfully authenticated their Wavely profile, every student will now have a central help-place to access their school counselor, local resources, and 24/7 crisis supported services. More importantly, your school counselors will now have a streamlined way to reach students where they are each day of the week.


Empower your school leaders with real-time analytics that help you track activity of your entire school community.

Features for School Administrators

✔ Reliable Account Manager
✔ Seamless Student and Staff Onboarding
✔ Import Local and Crisis Support Resources
✔ Send or Schedule Mass Alerts to Students
✔ Performance Tracking of Student Support Staff
✔ Wellness Tracking of Your Student Population

✔ Custom Behavioral Assessments (Coming Soon)
✔ Training Videos, Help Center, US-Based Support




The "Anchor Method" is our recommended model for most school structures as it guarantees every student has access to an assigned school counselor and limits access to other support staff. This means they need an approved referral request for access.

The "Streamline Method" is a more simplistic model that grants students access to all staff members within your office of student services without limitations. This means that students do not need a referral request to access other support staff.

Pilot + Launch in Minutes

With the craziness your school has experienced this past year due to COVID-19, we recognize that your time is of the essence. As soon as your setup checklist is completed and your network is activated, you can begin the onboarding process. Setup only takes a few minutes and once complete, you can either pilot Wavely with a smaller audience or go big with the wider school community.

Your school may be eligible for a 60 day trial



Imported students and staff receive an email that includes a unique authorization code and an access code assigned to their student or employee ID. This information, along with a secure password, is required to activate their profile to eliminate unauthorized access.

Data Encryption

All user data passing through Wavely on both its mobile and online interface has end to end encryption. This means that all user data and activity is converted into complex code to ensure its contents cannot be understood, intercepted, or collected.

Parental Consent

For any minor to use Wavely, their parent or guardian is required to sign a consent form that gives them authorized permission to use the app. It's the responsibility of the school to distribute and maintain a record of these signed consent forms.

User Privacy

We comply with all HIPAA compliance standards meaning that we do not collect or have access to any personally identifiable information (PII) and do not not sell user data to third parties. We also comply with all FERPA standards. Only authorized admins have access to certain user information.

There are permanent user safety disclaimers displayed on all conversation screens that informs students of what to do if they are in an emergency. There is also a disclaimer that displays when a student attempts to message their school counselor when unavailable.

Safety Disclaimers

Support Resources

Students are unable to direct message their school counselor when their chat availability is turned off. If a student attempts to direct message their school counselor when unavailable, a safety disclaimer appears that redirects them to 24/7 resources in the app.

Ready to lead the way?

The Wavely School Plan is ideal for pro-active primary and secondary school districts that want to set an example for others. If you believe that your school district should be at the forefront of our mission, click below to schedule a live demo with us. 

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