Helping school communities feel heard and supported.

Wavely is a wellness resource navigator that equips students with a comfortable way to access school support staff, verified community resources, and 24/7 crisis support.

Your community matters to us.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that the mental health needs of students around the country go unnoticed each school day. This problem has existed for years in education but has recently become a reality at the forefront of school leaders' minds. In direct response to the pandemic, Wavely was founded by Ryan Hesslau, an M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling student and the Executive Director of a nonprofit youth development agency near Chicago, IL. After extensive conversations with school leaders about this concern, it was confirmed that students needed a centralized and comfortable way to find the help they need when they need it.

The lack of innovation in prioritizing student mental health and wellness is especially interesting when research shows us its drastic effects on academic performance, retainment, and overall desire for learning in the classroom. Students deserve to be part of a school community that ensures their needs are heard and supported, and we believe this small step we are taking with our mobile app will do just that. This step is just the beginning of our roadmap at Wavely, and we are looking for school leaders who want to join forces with our mission and set an example for others.



Equip students with a mobile help-place 365 days a year.

Mobile Features for Students

Easily Find Designated School Support Staff
✔ Build Insight on Verified Community Resources
✔ Stay Protected with 24/7 Crisis Support Services
Self-Care Tools and Wellness Modules (Coming Soon)
✔ Training Videos, Help Center, and US-Based Support


Become a Pilot School

Wavely is a concept created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last school year, we worked with a small group of schools to validate the need for our technology in education, and guess what? It worked! Now, we are moving into phase two of testing. For $2 per student, your school can join our school pilot program, work directly with our team to help improve our technology and receive recognition as a founding partner at Wavely. We are looking for proactive school partners that value student wellness and believe in setting an example for others. If this sounds like your school community, schedule a call with us to inquire about becoming an exclusive pilot site. We have a bright vision at Wavely, and we hope you can be part of it.



Imported students and staff receive an email that includes a unique authorization code and an access code assigned to their student or employee ID. This information, along with a secure password, is required to activate their profile to eliminate unauthorized access.

Data Encryption

All user data passing through Wavely on both its mobile and online interface is encrypted which means that all user data and activity is converted into complex code that ensures its contents cannot be understood, intercepted, or collected by anyone or at any time.

User Privacy

We comply with HIPAA compliance standards by not collecting or have access to personally identifiable information and do not not sell user data to third parties. We also comply with FERPA standards. Only authorized admins have access to certain user information.